Check out the new revitalized Giant Scale Warbird Association.   Chris Joyner, after many years of handling the organization on his own, has turned it over to Mike Chilson and Jim Weems and they are making some changes to try and draw more attendance to our events.   You can read all about it on their site.   They feel there are a lot of warbird pilots with planes under the giant scale size limit and that we should make them feel welcome to their events.   Each event organizer now has the option to include all size warbirds.   For now Sod Busters will remain a Giant Scale only event, but I welcome your feedback on possibly opening it up to all sizes at some point in the future.   Perhaps someone will volunteer to start a mixed size event at the farm.  If anyone is interested in that, let me know.

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I hope everyone and their families are staying healthy.  I am glad many of you have been able to get out to the club and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we have had in the last few weeks.  The wind has been a little uncooperative but there have been days that were perfect for some flying fun. 

I hope that soon, we will be able to return to having our group get togethers, our monthly meetings, and fly-ins as we have in the past. But in the meantime, we must try to stay healthy and practice social distancing as much as possible.  I have read recent reports when cross the board testing was done, such as on the Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier, that as high as 50% plus, of the people with a positive result, had no symptoms of the Covid-19 virus at all in the beginning several days to week, and as many as 18% never showed any symptoms at all. This means that you, I, or someone we know, could be contagious and spreading the virus for many days and not know we are sick.  Likewise some people with symptoms, although low, have also tested negative. The good news (I think?) in NC, the number of positive test have been less than 10% of those tested.  

Some people are much more inclined to be devastated by this virus, particularly older individuals, and people with other underlining health issues, but seemingly young and healthy individuals have also been devastated.

I am sure that no one intentionally or unintentionally wants to be responsible for someone’s mother, father, grandparents, family member, or loved ones getting sick or worse yet, passing away due to the virus.  Therefore, I cannot stress the importance of social distancing while enjoying the benefits of our flying field enough.  Please respect everyone’s space while at the field.  This may require additional measures such as bringing your own shade, drop cord, or maybe a small table so as be able to spread out to maintain yours and others social distancing while enjoying the field. 

Please stay healthy and I hope to see you soon.

Tim Holland

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